Assertive Marketing presents at the 2016 Solar Energy Installers Association Vic Conference.

Assertive Marketing presents at the 2016 Solar Energy Installers Association Vic Conference.

The Solar Energy Installers Association Victoria (SEIA Vic) has been going for 30 years. They offer many services to the Renewable industry in Victoria. One of them is a yearly industry conference (held in Albury on Feb 17-19th). This valuable event boasts many presenters and for SEIA Vic members to meet and discuss their thoughts and ideas. This year Assertive Marketing’s General Manager Gerard McAllister was asked to present on how to market a small business in the solar industry.

In this presentation, Mr. McAllister talked about how most small businesses do not have the time or resources for marketing and thus generally do nothing. He then preceded to outline a way in which any small business can plan and budget their own marketing activity. In his easy to follow plan, Mr. McAllister outlined the steps a small business can take to achieve a marketing goal.

What you want to achieve

The first thing is to ask what you want to achieve? It may be business growth, more sales or brand recognition, but you need to have a goal in mind. He explained the importance of understanding your purpose or “why” your business exists, as this will formulate your target audience and core message. Then decide your budget – he suggested to start small and build.

Research your target audience

By researching your target audience and where are they (i.e. do they research online or on print at conferences etc.).  The next step is to arm your company with the right resources to communicate with that audience. If they are online, then communicating with them online is the strategy, on print then use print media, follow the same for other areas. Always track Your Goals and return on investment to see if it is working. If something works then keep it if it isn’t working, then drop it.

“The presentation was a relevant insight to most of the installers at the conference,” said SEIA Vic, Treasurer Paul McLaughlin. “People who attend this conference are small businesses and would generally avoid marketing because it is often seen as costly and too far from their reach. It is good that someone can show them that it is achievable”.

Assertive Marketing offers marketing advice to small business. “Our customers are small and are too busy working in their business and not on it”, said Mr. McAllister. “What we try to get them to understand is that marketing is needed and not always out of their reach”.

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