A better way to post on social media

A better way to post on social media

A better way to post your social media posts

A better way to post on social media.

Many small businesses think that just posting what you have done is enough to attract potential customers. They will post pictures of their work be it a completed a Solar installation or a completed product built in your factory. They assume that is all that you need to do to attract potential interest. Well, it doesn’t hurt, as long as you are doing something. Remember if you are saying nothing then no one will see you. But there is a better way of doing this.

The better way

There are smarter ways of posting things on social media. For example, instead of saying “we did this” or “look what we did” do it in a more meaningful way. Do it in a way that can gain an interest in a potential customer. Here’s some tips on how to do this:

Talk about your customer!

Your customer bought something from you because they needed to solve a problem that they had. Let’s say it was to save electricity costs or they needed to extract heat from their factory. Whatever the story is talk about that. For example, “our customer wanted to save costs on their power usage, so we installed a system that would give them less reliance on the grid”.

Customers need their problems solved.

With your social media posts, you want to attract similar people. The target audience is other people who are like your customer. Other people who are looking to do the same thing or solve a similar problem. They will see your post and it will trigger an interest for them. They will become interested because it something that interests them.

Building a good story

When you post on social media you should be creating a consistent story that relates to your business and the way you help your customers. Let’s face it we are all in business to solve customer problems. When you tell your story have your past, current and future customers in mind.


Remember! A good story lasts years. Start telling yours!

What makes a good website?

What makes a good website?

what makes a good website

What makes a good website?

Building a good website is not as simple as it seems. It’s not just about buying a domain, getting some random host, installing WordPress and picking a theme that looks cool. Building a good website depends on what kind of site you have and who do you want to target? Importantly what you want to achieve? Here are 7 tips that can help your site become a good site and a better search result inline.

Have a clear goal.

Why would anyone come to your site and do business with you? It’s not just that you have an awesome product. You need to have a mission and goal for your website.

Great design.

Your website must have a great design. Your message should come across loud and clear. The design should be on-brand and well-thought-out. But more importantly, your site should be clear and easy to use for everyone.

User-centred content.

Good content helps your users accomplish their goals. The content you offer should be clear and easy to understand by using the same language the users know well.


Is your website trustworthy, safe and secure? Both search engines and users are looking for signals that signify trust. A missing green lock icon might mean you don’t take security seriously.

Mobile-friendly (or rather, designed mobile-first).

Google is now only looking for mobile friendly sites. For the last couple of years, mobile traffic has kept growing and growing. If your site is not mobile-friendly by now, you should get to it and work on your mobile SEO.

Your website has technical expertise.

A good website is easily crawlable and shows search engines what they can and can’t index. A good website loads super-fast, from anywhere in the world. Make sure you do everything you can to get those pages to load as fast as possible.