Are you using Local SEO to your advantage?

Small business and Marketing tips newsletter 2nd August 2018.

Tip of the week

Are you using Local SEO to your advantage?

Using the free directories is a great way to utilize local Search Engine Optimization to help increase Google ranking. This is all about utilizing the directories for their SEO potential. Every time your site is referenced Google puts it up a notch in its ranking.

This strategy is not so much about having people find you although that is good, but about using the sites potential to have you listed in their SEO activity.
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An update on non-HTTPS websites.

Remember in a previous newsletter I mentioned that Google was starting to frown on websites without the HTTPS, well now it’s official. Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’.

After years of pushing for ‘secure by default’ websites, Google will identify insecure sites in the Chrome browser.

That means someone will get this dreaded warning before they are allowed to enter your website…

What is the best way to manage your Marketing?

So, you have decided to do something about your Marketing. Your first step is to start looking at who may be able to help you. There are 4 standard ways of doing this:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Hiring an internal person (Marketing Manager or Coordinator)
  3. Hire a Marketing agency
  4. Hire separate contractors for different segments such as SEO expert, or AdWords expert, graphic designer, Website designer and manage them all yourself.

This article will go through the positives and negatives of each option so you can find out what is the best for your business.
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Last Week

A recap of last week’s training “Understanding your business “Why” or “Purpose”. You can read more about that here.
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Next Week…

Next week’s training will talk about “How quickly should you get results from your marketing?”. We will go through the ways of doing this. More on that next week…

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