The option of energy storage and its related technology is starting to play a larger part in the renewable energy sector. Melbourne Polytechnic (formally NMIT) offers a course that teaches participants how to install and design standalone power systems.

As a part of industry involvement, manufacturers and suppliers give presentations on what’s available in the market. This gives students the opportunity to touch, feel and understand the products that they will be using in real life.

On Tuesday 21st July Veli Marcovic from the Green Power Co. presented on several products including the PowerBlock, an off-grid / hybrid product, that they have developed specifically for this growing industry. To add another aspect to his presentation he invited guest speaker Gerard McAllister from Assertive Marketing to give a short presentation on the psychology behind the purchasing of such systems. Why people buy and their motives behind their purchase.

In his presentation, Mr. McAllister talked about some of the most common reasons why people say they want to go off-grid or go hybrid with their energy system. These reasons were then broken down into human motivational factors such as the need for self-esteem and the need to belong.

“The presentation was a breath of fresh air” said Charles Muscat, the course coordinator, and teacher. “People who attend the courses are business owners and are inundated with the technical side of things. It is good that they understand the underlying motivations so they can understand what their customers are thinking”.

Assertive Marketing offers marketing advice to small business. “Our customers are human and thus follow the basic needs of motivation,” said Mr. McAllister. “When we understand this, then our message becomes simple and easier to communicate”.

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