What you should be doing to get through COVID-19

What you should be doing to get through COVID-19

We are all being affected by COVID-19. Business may be slowing down and who knows what is ahead. But here is one thing I do know! We need to be prepared for what happens at the other end. This crisis will end because we all know that Australians will get through anything that the world will throw at us. It’s just who we are. So, what you do right now will determine what happens to your business when things start getting back to normal.

Marketing during covid-19

Here’s what you should be doing.

Don’t stop your marketing Activities

If you are still running your business and are still doing some marketing do not stop it! When it’s all over the last thing you want to be doing is having to start it all up again from scratch. You have been doing a lot of hard work to get customers to notice you and be at the forefront of their purchasing minds don’t let it go!

Increase what you are doing online

If you are still putting things online this is the time to increase what you are doing. As people work from home, we have noticed that more people are posting things online. So, if your message pre-crisis was getting say 20% of the views it now will most likely go down to 10%. This is because there is simply more things being posted and are now cluttering up everyone’s feed. If you were doing say 2 posts a week you now need to increase this to one every day even more.

Hit it hard!

A lot of people think that they are annoying people by what and how much their business posts online. You are not! I repeat you are not annoying anyone! What you are doing is increasing your chances of being seen. If your friend says “gees you post too much” just take them as a friend and not a potential buyer. A potential buyer needs to see your business through the clutter of everything else. The way to get through that clutter is by relevance, consistency, and now volume.

Start some activities

If you aren’t doing any marketing, you need to start it now. I’m not talking advertising that costs too much and things may be tight. I’m talking being on social media and getting your business in front of potential customers. People need to be aware of you for when they are ready to buy.

Be seen!

By following these simple steps, you will ensure that your potential to getting noticed will increase. And you want to be in the forefront of people’s minds when they are ready to buy!

So, in summary here’s my suggestion. Increase your activity to get more business now and when the crisis is over. There is no point in being subtle and waiting for the customers to come to you and the end of it all. The more active you are the more people see your product. That means:

  • More posts online
  • More content to give your potential audience help
  • Start to get noticed

Good luck with all of your endeavours keep safe and let’s build Australia again!


What are Keywords

What are Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important attributes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Simply put, being found on Google. They are placed on the front and back of your web pages. So, what are keywords? They are the phrases that a website uses to give search engines such as Google information about what your page is about. Google will then match a website’s keywords with the terms and words that people are searching for.

Terms and phrases

When someone uses Google, they will enter some search terms. Google will then match them to a website that has these or similar terms. So, it is a matching process. Although this is a simplified explanation, there is so much more to SEO.

How it works

To make it simple on this webpage we have used the term “what are keywords” as this is the keywords we are optimising for. We have put this term in certain places on the page and tried not to overuse the term as Google will see through that. When someone Googles this term or words similar, if we have done all of the other things needed, we will be given a high rank on Google.

Other issues relating to keyword SEO

The link or URL of the page should have these terms in them. The information should be about the keywords. And it also helps to link this page to other pages on the website that have similar information. For example, we also have a page that talks about how to link your website pages to gain better search engine optimisation. When you read this page, you will understand more about the intricacies of SEO.

Need help being found on Google?

If you need help being found on Google just talk to us as we can help out.

A better way to promote your business on Social Media

A better way to promote your business on Social Media

This is an issue that I come across all the time. Most small businesses are busy with their day to day activities and will find it hard to promote themselves.

So, I just wanted to touch on how you can promote your business in a more efficient manner.

One of the easiest ways to promote yourself is on social media.

This seems like a normal process of getting noticed it is actually part of a growing trend in the marketing industry. This trend is called Content Marketing.


Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. It is different from the advertising model where a business will pay for specifically written ads, Content marketing is about building an online interest from a potential customer.

However, a lot of solar businesses are simply just putting their installs online hoping for someone to notice. This is ok as at least it is doing something but there is an easier way. Here are some steps I suggest you take.


Have a plan

One of the most important elements of social media or content marketing is consistency. By having a plan to follow you can keep the consistency that is so important. In this plan answer the following:


What do you want to achieve?

More sales, better brand recognition? By answering this question, you can work out what content you will need to produce.


Who do you want to target?

Is it a commercial business or the consumer market?


What are your strengths?

What are you good at? What makes you more profitable? There is no point in getting a project where you will not make money. If you are building a business, it is better to get the jobs that work for you. Find out what they are.


What problem are you solving?

Now that you have worked out what is best for your business your target audience will become clearer. This audience must have a problem to solve. You start with a problem your customers or potential customers may face. Then you solve that problem. If you are helping them out and if you are true to what you say they will start to trust you.


The type of posts

As mentioned earlier you are now no longer posting about your installs and how great you are. You are posting about a problem you have solved. Sure, you can use the pictures and videos, but the message has changed. Something like Customer “A” wanted to solve a particular problem, you solved the problem with a product that you sell or make. They now have a better… You get the picture.


Lead them to your website

Your website is the only digital asset that you own. Social media platforms are not yours and are therefore shared by everyone even your competitors. Your post should lead the audience to find out more on your website. The story that you have written must be posted on your website. What is put on social media is a snippet, a picture and link that goes back to your website. From here you can own the customer and give them an experience that is truly yours.


Being found on Google searches

This strategy even works with website optimisation (or being found on Google). People will search for that problem, if you answer it then Google will give you a higher ranking. They will find your story (that is posted on your website) and click on it to find out more.

Keep your marketing going over the holidays

Keep your marketing going over the holidays

As the holiday season approaches for a lot of small business it becomes the busiest part of the year. So, in effect just because a break is coming you don’t slow down your activities. In fact, you often work harder.

So why does everyone think that you should slow your marketing down at this time? It should be the opposite.
This is the time when you should be ramping up your marketing. It is during the slow times that you need to start to action things. This is the time when you spend time on your business as during the year it has been spent in your business.

So, here’s what you should do.

• Start putting together your plan for next year. Who are you going to target? What new areas do you want to increase your business in?
• Start working on your content. Get your stories written and put them in your ‘Content Schedule’ so that when everyone is back you are ready to post. If you don’t have a content schedule by now, then I suggest you start one.
• Have a look at your current communications, refine it, get it ready for the new year.

Although it may seem the wrong time to put effort into your marketing, it’s the time you should be ramping it up.

Remember, good Marketing doesn’t stop just because everything else does.

Ways you can manage your Marketing activities

Ways you can manage your Marketing activities

In this training, I will introduce ways you can manage your marketing activities. There are methods and some documents that will help you stay in control. You have come this far but it is important that you do not lose momentum. It is like starting any project, it is always exciting at the start, but after a while this excitement wains and starts to become a chore. If there is one thing that I want you to take out of this training is this, Marketing is not just ideas and creativity, it is procedures and structures.

The processes of Marketing

Whenever we start a new client at Assertive Marketing the first thing we do is have weekly meetings. This allows us to work with you and do all the things that are needed to get the marketing up and running. Everything that we have done in our training so far has been following the methods that we follow with all our clients. After the planning is done then we need to look at the activity and management of marketing. Treat it like you now have a marketing department. The principle behind this is that you will learn the discipline of marketing. I have many clients who say, “do we have to meet every week, I don’t have time for marketing”. My answer is always the same. “Yes, we do!”. The point of having these meetings it is to get you into the habit of marketing. To get you to take a little time each week to think about your marketing. If we can start with one hour per week, then after a few months you will continue to allocate that time for your marketing.

The discipline of Marketing

This is what will and does happen. Let’s say we have a meeting at 10:00 on Wednesday morning every week for about 8 to 12 weeks. What will happen is that every time you approach the meetings there are certain things that you will think about and do before, during and after the meetings. You may have to prepare something for the meeting or do something during or after the meeting. As the weeks go by this habit will form and you will automatically keep doing it. This is what I call the discipline of marketing. You create a discipline that forces you to act and do certain things. Then you keep doing them. Now you keep the momentum and the good marketing that your business deserves.

Enforcing the discipline

This discipline that you are now involved in will help you to keep the marketing going. It now needs some physical aids to help you stay on track. The way that I enforce the discipline is to work with these meeting times and I have also introduced some documents that keep you on track. There are 2 main documents that I will always use, and they are the Marketing Action Plan and the Marketing Action Calendar. By working with these documents, you can make sure that everything is done and followed through.

What is Marketing for a Small Business

What is Marketing for a Small Business

What does Marketing for a Small Business mean? I was at a football club reunion the other week and a friend asked me what I did. I said to him that I run a marketing company. He looked at me and said, “yeah but what do you do?”. So I started to tell him all of the things that I do. He looked at me with confusion and said, “I didn’t understand a word of what you just said”. I then thought about how many other small businesses out there are confused about what marketing companies do. So, I’ll explain.

Marketing Communicates

A marketing company will help you communicate your business to the right audience. That means we understand what your offer is, who your potential customers are and find the best way to get your message to that potential customer. It’s as simple as that. It is how we do this that becomes confusing. For example, there are digital and traditional ways. Let’s break that down:


Traditional marketing is print advertising, sales promotions and physical items that help promote your message.  For example, brochures, handouts and talking to people.


Digital marketing is getting your message out there online. Methods used are websites, Google optimising and online advertising on Google and social platforms.

What should a good marketing company do for you?

Firstly, they should understand your business, your market and why people will buy your product or service. Then we find out the best way to get your message out to your audience via the best method be it digital or traditional.