Do your customers understand the Industry Jargon?

Small business and Marketing tips newsletter 31st August 2018

Tip of the week

The buyer is in control!

Last week I mentioned that Digital marketing (especially Content Marketing) gives the buyer control. That is when they are ready they will contact you. I brought up the issue of ‘what if you want the control?’ What if you didn’t want to wait until a buyer contacted you?

There is a counterpoint to make on this discussion and that is: With digital marketing, the relationship is already built. If the buyer has found you then they already know you and have gained some level of trust. This is because of the content that you have published.

This takes time. A lot of small business do not have the luxury of time. But when it is done correctly it will pay off for your business.

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Are you talking the same language as your Customers?

Or are you talking industry jargon? Many businesses think that because they are in a certain industry they must use industry terminology. The more you work within an industry the more you understand and thus modify the language to what is often quicker and more efficient. For example, acronyms and shortening of words. This is ok but not when it comes to marketing and communicating to your audience.

It is so important to talk the language of the buyer as they are the ones who need to understand what you are offering them.

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Last Week

A recap of last week’s training “The importance of having good customers.”. You can read more about that here.

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Next Week…

Next week’s training we will consider “Word of Mouth”. It is often said that word of mouth is the best way of getting business. This is true. But how do you get word of mouth?

There is one way of getting word of mouth going and that is with a good Content Management Strategy. More on that next week…

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