How quickly should you get results from your Marketing?

People often think that when they start any form of marketing that they will be instantly rewarded. I’m going to have to break it to you, that’s not the case. Marketing is not a magic wand that you can wave and the customers come running to your door. Marketing is a carefully planned exercise that will lead to results but it takes time and effort. This is more the case when having a small budget.

Spend big and get quick results

Yes, this can happen. If you advertise and spend lots of money doing it, you will get noticed quickly. The problem is when the spending stops so does the buying. People buy from brands they trust. Trust is not gained overnight it takes time and planning. This is wasting the money you don’t have.

Putting all your eggs in one basket.

I had a conversation with a Google marketing representative about a client that I had just started to work with. The new client had been using Google AdWords for 2 months prior to our starting. The representative kept insisting the client increase his budget because he was losing clicks to his competitors. I called the representative and asked him why he keeps pushing for more money? To him the answer was simple. His competitors are getting more clicks so he must follow.

I understand Google and what they are trying to achieve. The higher you pay the higher you rank. But what he didn’t understand was our client. Like a lot of companies, they only look at it from their perspective and not the buyer.

The Marketing Mix

I asked the representative did he know the marketing mix and therefore the marketing budget of the client.  The obvious answer was no to both. In fact, he didn’t even know what a Marketing mix was. To explain, a Marketing mix is the total activity on Marketing that a business conducts. That is all activities not just one thing like spending on advertising.

The representative was so convinced that Google was the only way for a business to promote their business and therefore the client had to throw everything at it. I said to him if you keep this idea with your clients they will spend the amount for a short time only, as the money will run out. The plan should have been spending a smaller amount over time to build the brand. It was a quick fix that he was offering. The problem with this is that it doesn’t last. It is because of this attitude that Marketing often gets a bad rap!

As mentioned earlier Marketing is a well-planned strategy that fits the brand and what the business wants to achieve.

The overnight internet sensation that took 5 years to make.

Unfortunately, in this fast internet world, people want results immediately. How do we make it go viral? That magical place where everyone knows your brand and starts buying immediately. Well here’s another thing I’ll have to break to you, internet sensations don’t just make it overnight. There is always a plan behind it that often takes years to action. Unless it is a fluke and flukes do happen. And anyone who tells you that they can make you an overnight sensation you should be wary of. Because there is often a price to pay and that is often money or reputation.

So, let’s not kid ourselves and say that we want results immediately. Let’s look at our Marketing in a structured way that is thought out and actioned. More importantly it has to be given time to work.


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