How fast is your website?

Small business and Marketing tips newsletter 26th July 2018.

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How fast is your website?

Did you know your website speed influences SEO?

The longer it takes to load your site – especially on mobile – the higher the chance that your conversion will drop. Site speed can affect your SEO in many ways, both directly as well as indirectly. It’s a ranking factor, it reduces bounce rate, it improves user experience in general and a lot more.

A much faster competitor is just a single click away. That means optimizing for speed is one of the most important things you can do right now!

Google has a tool to check how fast your website is. Give it a try!

Google PageSpeed test

Your website has a bad result?

Like most analysis tools they work on the best possible scenarios and there are many factors that may affect performance. Here are 3 simple ways to improve the speed of your website:

  • Use a fast web hosting service
  • Optimize your images
  • On WordPress sites switch off all the plugins you don’t need or use

More on website speed hints here

Internet marketers are on the rise.

Do you get those emails that suggest that you could be getting more visitors to your website? They say they have visited your site and found that you aren’t ranking on Google.

So can they?

Hate to say it, but yes, they can get you to rank #1. However, they will use shady techniques. Your traffic will rise, your rankings will go up, and if you are lucky, you will obtain that number one spot in Google for a particular keyword.

Be aware there’s something they are not telling you.

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Understanding your Business “Why” or “Purpose”

The best way to get your message to your audience is to have your story right. Even better to have a good story. It is your story that excites and motivates the audience to respond by doing something that you want them to do. In this case, buy your product. The problem is that a lot of businesses tell their story from the concept of what they do. The problem with this storytelling is that it doesn’t go far enough.

  • What if everyone else (who does what you do) says the same thing?
  • What is setting you apart?
  • If everyone is saying the same things your message gets caught in the clutter of all the other messages.

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Last Week

A recap of last week’s training “How to set your marketing budget.” You can read more about that here.

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Next Week…

Next week’s training will talk about “What is the best way to manage your marketing?”. We will go through the ways of doing this. More on that here…

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