How To Market Your Small Business

‘How to Market your Small Business’ is a book about helping small business compete against larger companies. It is a simple “How to do” book that explains the concepts and ideas of modern Marketing and gives a structured approach to your marketing.

It answers such questions as, “How do you get good marketing on a very small budget?” Then shows you how to do this. It is the ultimate guide on marketing for small business.

The author is a seasoned practitioner in Marketing specialising in small business. The book explains and sets out the plan that is easy enough for any small business person to follow. It has practical tips, advice and To Dos that you can follow and get success from. It is an interactive real guide where documents can be downloaded and used for your own business. You can even ask the author for advice.

If you are a small business and want to get ahead with your marketing, then this is the perfect book for you to get started.


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In this book we will talk about….

How to start thinking about your marketing

As a business owner you have a good concept and understanding of what your business represents to your market. However, it is always good to do a review on an ongoing basis.  There is one thing that you must do before you embark on any activity such as marketing and that is analyse your current situation. This will take your mind out of the day to day of your business. It is often the case that most small business owners get caught up in getting the job done.

Creating your Marketing Budget

One of the hardest things to do is to start something. Anything! Often the idea of starting is so daunting that we fall in to the trap of not doing anything. When it comes to starting a marketing budget the issue is compounded by what can you afford. Most small businesses will have established a certain level of reputation that will bring them an amount of business as a normal part of their day to day activity. If you are in the situation where you want to increase business, then you will need to step out of your normal activity.

How are you currently communicating with your customers?

Now you need to do an analysis of what you are currently doing. If you are advertising anywhere or even what social media sites you are on. I often find that businesses can forget that they are doing any kind of advertising or social media. You must remember that any kind of activity is communicating something to the market. So, if there is a website or social media page that you have created (especially if it is your personal account) you must look at what you are communicating. Going through the Purpose statement will help you to formulate the correct message as it will show you what your company is all about.

Guide to Social Media

The business approach consists of having regular posts about what you have done or something that is of interest to you. Unfortunately, this often turns into a “look at me” activity as focus gets lost. The posts just become about the business and what it is doing businesswise or socially. This is ok but it has no real value to a potential customer and as mentioned earlier it is often only seen by your competitors. This approach would be better served by a good plan and purpose to why the posts are being made.

How do you Manage your Marketing activities

In this section of the book I will introduce ways in which you can manage your marketing activities. There are methods and some documents that will help you stay in control. You have come this far but it is important that you do not lose momentum. It is like starting any project, it is always exciting at the start, but after a while this excitement wains and starts to become a chore. If there is one thing that I want you to take out of this book it is this, Marketing is not just ideas and creativity, it is procedures and structures.

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