How to utilise local Search Engine Optimization

Are you using Local SEO to your advantage?

Using the free directories as a great way to utilize local Search Engine Optimization to help increase Google ranking. This is all about utilizing the directories for their SEO potential. Every time your site is referenced Google puts it up a notch in its ranking. This strategy is not so much about having people find you although that is good, but about using the sites potential to have you listed in their SEO activity.

Are you listed in the following online directories?

To start with you should look to see if you are listed on these sites. It is a good exercise just to see what they have listed and if the information is correct and up to date..

  • part of yellow pages

Add your listing to the other sites

Here are just a few sites that you can add your business to if you are not listed on them. You can also find out other sites that are relevant to your industry. Sign up to these sites to see what can be done. They may have a no-cost listing service.

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