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Online Advertising is a recommended way to get your website noticed by using Google AdWords and other platforms.

Using online advertising with companies such as Google and Facebook to increase your presence online.

Our strategy includes:

Design your budget – how much are you willing to pay. Google AdWords can be as little as $7 per day ($220 per month) although it is a competitive market so Google will insist that you pay more for the ad ranking. This doesn’t mean you won’t get your ad placed but certain keywords will have a hard time competing because the other will pay more for it.  Facebook has its own paid advertising program. Facebook has a great targeting service similar to Google at around the same cost

    1. Design your budget
    2. Design your keywords.
    1. Design the ad. This is what are you going to say on the ad
    2. Assign someone to Manage your campaign on an ongoing basis. This does take time and manipulation to constantly get it right. This can be done internally or use an external party.
    3. Design what reporting you would like to receive from the management of the campaign so you can see if it is successful or not.

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