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Small business & Marketing Tips newsletter 16th November 2018


Tip of the week

Are you posting to your customers or yourself?

When posting something on social media most business tend to talk about what they have done and how they did it. They talk about a project here or a great job they have done etc. This could be a waste of time.

A better approach is to talk about an issue that your customer may be facing. A simple how to do or explanation of how your product has solved a problem. In doing this your problem solving may trigger an interest in a potential buyer.

Remember people only care about what affects them. Their pain points. How are you going to solve their problems?

So next time you are posting something think about how it will help a potential customer who may come across your post.

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How to Start Your Marketing Planning?

With summer coming on now is the time to start your planning, if you haven’t already. So, today I thought we’d talk about how to start your marketing planning?.

Most small businesses don’t have a current marketing plan. A good plan will give you a good sense of direction. So here are some ways to start your Marketing Planning:

  • Look at any old plan you may have started – even if it is just ideas
  • Establish your business’s Purpose or “Why” – Why you do what you do
  • Write down your Why, How and What
  • Define Your Goals. – What do you want to achieve?
  • Focus on your strengths – Find out what makes you different and marketable
  • Your target audience – Where are they?
  • Arm your company with the right resources – Website, Sales documents, logo etc

No matter if your business is big or small, plan your marketing. It will save you the time and money later.

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Last Week

A recap of last week’s training where we talked about “How quickly should you get results from your Marketing?”. In this training we talked about how marketing is a carefully planned exercise that will lead to results, but it takes time and effort.

You can read more about that here.

How can Assertive Marketing help you?

If you are a business that doesn’t do much with your marketing or don’t know how to start, we can help you. We know that many small businesses don’t have the time for marketing. You are too busy working in your business and not enough on your business. We can give you the structure and drive to get you going.

We do all marketing activities including; Creating your Marketing Plan, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Brochure Design, Graphic Design and much more.

Talk to us about how we can help you.

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