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Small business & Marketing Tips newsletter 27th September 2018

Small business & Marketing Tips newsletter 27th September 2018

Tip of the week

Do you do any market research?

Do you know everything about your market?

Most people who have had a business for a while don’t go back and look what is happening in their industry. We are all too busy I suppose.

Sometimes it is a good idea to have a look at what others are doing

A review of the competitive landscape includes looking at what your competitors are and are not doing, as well as larger trends within your industry.

What can a Google search tell you?

This can be researched by Googling your industry and competitors to see what they are saying. Take some time out to find out. A lot can be learned by this kind of research. .

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Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

The digital strategy that you embark on will also be determined by what goals you want to achieve.

As we are dealing with small business I will assume that you have a website and are currently dabbling in at least one form of social media such as Facebook. What you will learn in this training.

Your digital plan should consider the following:

  • The digital platform is all the assets put together as a form of communication with your market. This is all social media, Google search facilities and any other blogging sites that you may have.
  • Your website is the most important of these assets as it is the only one that you own and can really control. All elements must lead back to your website.

By using these techniques, you can successfully market your business with minimal expenditure.
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Last Week

A recap of last week’s training where we talked about “How can you fix the problem when you don’t know the full story?”. If a potential buyer doesn’t know the full story of why you are in business, then they are only getting half of the story.

You can read more about that here.

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Got an idea or a great business building tip?

If you have an idea that may help others or just want to share let us know. We are always here to help. Just send us an email and we will respond. Who knows we may even put it in the next newsletter.

Got an idea?

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