This is just one of the many sales theories that are available. I use it to explain the process of how to make a sale. If all elements are there then it is easier to make a profitable sale. And that is profitable for both parties, the buyer and the seller.

Sale Process


This means building a relationship with the person you are selling to. People buy when they feel comfortable and safe. As explained in the section on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


This means that you find the reason why they should be buying your product. This is done by asking the right questions to find out what the problem is. When this is established you can go on to the next all-important stage.


This means you offer a solution to the problem. The important thing is that your product must be the right solution. If it doesn’t then do not offer it, maybe consider offering someone else’s solution, it is better. If you offer your product and it is the wrong solution it will only cause problems later which will create resentment and mistrust.


Make the sale. The transaction that allows for a successful exchange of money for service. Make it simple and easy so the exchange is pleasant.

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