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Has anyone ever asked you why you started your business in the first place? We ask this question first. The answer to this question is the purpose for your company’s existence. This is your company’s story. It is this story that creates your brand, the thing that your customers know and trust. What we do is understand your story and help you to communicate it to the world.

The Start with Why is a concept created by Marketing Guru Simon Sinek. We have modified and developed it so it is understandable and easier for you to quickly go through the process. Once done so you will find it both rewarding and beneficial. For more information on Simon Sinek and the “Start with Why” concept Click here…


Your Why Statement

As a part of our process with you, we will always go through our Why statement. We do this for 2 reasons:
1. So you can understand fully what your business is all about. This is the essence of your story, the message you give your audience to:

  • Gain trust
  • Differentiate
  • Gain respect
  • Show that you are believable
  • Have your story straight

2. To give us an understanding of who you are so we can help you give the best message to your potential audience.
Before we start we need to understand the basic essence of who you are and why you exist. Everyone be it an individual or company has a reason they do what they do. We call this the “Why” of things. We need to understand your Why to understand why someone will want to buy from you or use your service. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

This process may be difficult at the start as most of us just do what we do and don’t really think about it too much. What you will discover by answering these questions will help you understand your business more clearly thus we will then know what message to give to your potential audience.

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