Internet marketers are on the rise

Do you get those emails that suggest that you could be getting more visitors to your website? They have visited your site and found that you aren’t ranking very well. Often they have a list of all the wrong things your site is doing.

So are they real? Well, the ones who are spammers anyway. Can They really get you to rank #1?

Can SEO Internet marketer X really get me to rank #1?

Hate to say it, but yes, they can get you to rank #1. However, they will use shady techniques, like adding heaps of keyword focused pages to your website and add your website to a blog network for links. This is a problem! Your traffic will rise, your rankings will go up, and if you are lucky, you will obtain that number one spot in Google for a particular keyword. What they don’t tell you, is that they tricked Google into ranking your website number one.

Be Aware!

Google will find out! After some time, you will see your traffic drop, slowly or all of a sudden. This is the time Google needed to figure out what was going on with your website. This is the time when Google finds that your (SEO company) was luring it into liking your website. And this is also the time that you lose all your traffic and find your site in the gutter of the internet, way after page 2 in Google.

Don’t Waste Your Money

There is a saying. If it is too good to be true it probably is! The best to rank highly with Google is to always optimise your website the right way. Quality content is the key. Write about the things your customers and visitors want to read about. Entertain and inform them via great articles. If your website is impressive enough, your rankings will go up. And you will reach that top spot in Google the right way. Search Engine Optimisation is not a trick; it takes time but doing it the right way will be the better investment.