At Assertive Marketing we provide good affordable marketing strategy to help build your business.

And we start with the important question: WHY?

Has anyone ever asked you why you started your business in the first place? We ask this question first. The answer to this question is the purpose for your business’s existence. This is your business’s story. It is this story that creates your brand, the thing that your customers know and trust. What we do is understand your story and help you to communicate it to the world by implementing a strong market strategy.

At Assertive Marketing, we develop a good and affordable marketing strategy tailored to your unique offering that reflects your business’s personal size and philosophy. We believe that your customers will buy not because of what you do but why you do it.


How to get a good marketing strategy on a very small budget?

That was the question that I’ve had to answer for most of my marketing career. For years, I was a Marketing Manager for smaller family businesses. Just like yours. The type of business that is created from your good idea, or an opportunity that presents itself. It could be your family business that evolves over the years into something that starts to hire people. It was the things that I learned from working in a small business that helped me understand many things about the marketing strategy. Things like:

  • It is not just about how much you spend
  • Or doing what everyone else is doing

It is about what you want to achieve and then finding the right marketing strategy that fits into what your business can afford.

Marketing is not a magic Wand.

There is so much more involved and some of it will be unfruitful for a long time and you may start to think you are wasting your time. If there is one thing that I can say to get you through that time, it would be this: No matter what you do in life if you don’t have the right reason for it, then it is not going to go anywhere. All the activities that Assertive Marketing will be going through will be generated from the reasons why you started your business in the first place. That reason why your business exists.

Assertive Marketing is not just another Marketing company!

We do not make promises to have the magical answers to all your marketing problems. Instead, we take the time to understand you and your business. Together we will take this journey into your business and a discovery of the relationship that your business has with the environment it exists in. Everything that you will learn from our time together has been gained from years of experience working with businesses like yours and more importantly working closely with people like you. We all know too well that life is not a destination, it is a journey of discovery and chance. And running a business is all about discovery and chance and learning about yourself.

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Here are what some of our small business customers are saying about our work together.

Stephen | SB Solar Battery Services

I saw Gerard present to an industry group and what he said made sense. It spurred me into action. I took his advice on how to increase sales within my existing customers and it worked. I just wanted to thank him for his advice and look forward to working with him again soon.

Trent | Trentleck

I did the why statement with Assertive Marketing and it helped me to understand why I started the business all those years ago. It helped me focus on what I wanted to do and this gave us great ideas for the new website.

Michael | Great Accounting

I was amazed by what I got out of the “Why” process and by how well they got to know my business. They listened as I talked about what I wanted to do. Then they did exactly what they said that they would do and designed a strategy that I could afford. What a difference that makes.

Andrew | Click Control Systems

We really needed help with our marketing. They set up a plan and they actually did the work for us. They set up our marketing department then trained our staff so after a while, we could do it ourselves. They didn’t just lecture us. They got things done! 

Bill | Skillbuild Training

This is fantastic. You have a gift for getting the ‘real’ stories from people. It brought tears to my eyes!
Well done, and thank you.

Dennis | Indrotech

Take it from me, as a business owner. All my ideas were great ( I thought) but I had NO idea how to put the puzzle together. You’re right when you mention Marketing people know what they’re doing, they do!! This is when you came into my life, refined my ideas…. added a few of yours….. and put them into practice. What is even more important that I never realized, is to be able to measure your success from these ideas. Well, you’ve achieved that as well, Gerard. Well done and thank you for that.


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