Developing a Robust Marketing Approach: Going Beyond Social Media

Putting all your eggs in one basket

Putting all your eggs in the social media basket may not be the wisest move. While acknowledging the influence of social platforms, your approach should involve incorporating various elements like newsletters, optimizing your website, and crafting substantial blog content for improved visibility on Google.

It’s about diversifying your approach intelligently.

Lots of businesses get stuck in the social media trap. A common oversight for many businesses is becoming overly focused on social media or content marketing alone. While these channels are undoubtedly important, they are not exhaustive in capturing meaningful attention. To truly distinguish yourself, it’s crucial to ensure that your website is not only impeccable but also optimized for prominent placement in Google searches. Share compelling articles on your site and thoughtfully distribute them on social media, creating pathways back to your website.

Why not Newsletters

Newsletters, often underestimated, hold significant potential. If you maintain a customer database, consistent communication is key. Consider, for example, if you operate in the solar industry. Keep your customers informed about developments like batteries or EV chargers. Initiate meaningful conversations, providing them access to the latest technologies at favourable prices. Leveraging the trust and familiarity your customers have with your brand is essential.

Manufacturing businesses

For those in manufacturing always have past and current customer interactions. Maintaining ongoing communication is crucial. Use email newsletters to keep them in the loop about your latest projects and to understand their current needs. Building a reliable channel of communication is essential for fostering continuous business growth.

A diversified approach

In essence, a diversified approach is practical. Let’s explore avenues beyond social media, tailoring our strategies to resonate with a more seasoned perspective.

Bottom line? The key is to mix it up!

“Stay authentic and build trust”


P.S. Don’t forget, your business story is your strength. Share it authentically, and watch your business grow!