Content that informs

Here’s a great example of creating content marketing that informs and gives a possible audience some interest without selling your own brand. DPA Solar are a distributor of Solar equipment and Swan Hill Solar are an installer of Solar systems. The interview/article talks more about the end customer than it does about DPA Solar or Swan Hill Solar. It talks about why the end customer needed to get Solar.


Similar problems to solve

The reason for this is that by talking about the end user it will trigger a similar potential end user. Someone who has a similar problem that needs solving. As I keep saying content marketing is all about offering information that helps. When you offer information that helps someone with a problem you will gain the trust of that person/customer.
Problem – Solution – Trust.


Who your audience is

DPA Solar doesn’t want to talk to the end user they want the interest of the Solar Installer.


The stategy works

So, the strategy we embarked on is to drive interest in the result, a Solar System. By helping to create that interest DPA Solar will increase the size of the market that they exist in. If someone comes across this article online, they will not only be informed about the Solar System (their interest) but who to get the system from.

The strategy is also a good collaboration between the customer and the supplier.

Nice work all round!