As the holiday season approaches for a lot of small business it becomes the busiest part of the year. So, in effect just because a break is coming you don’t slow down your activities. In fact, you often work harder.

So why does everyone think that you should slow your marketing down at this time? It should be the opposite.
This is the time when you should be ramping up your marketing. It is during the slow times that you need to start to action things. This is the time when you spend time on your business as during the year it has been spent in your business.

So, here’s what you should do.

• Start putting together your plan for next year. Who are you going to target? What new areas do you want to increase your business in?
• Start working on your content. Get your stories written and put them in your ‘Content Schedule’ so that when everyone is back you are ready to post. If you don’t have a content schedule by now, then I suggest you start one.
• Have a look at your current communications, refine it, get it ready for the new year.

Although it may seem the wrong time to put effort into your marketing, it’s the time you should be ramping it up.

Remember, good Marketing doesn’t stop just because everything else does.